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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Then things got ugly...! (16 days)

The crew gets down...

Jarsh pimps dew!

Han and J dig deep for mustache inspiration!

Best ugly sweater I have ever seen. Totally brings out your 'stache!

Then things really got ulgy!

Beautiful friends, ugly sweaters, board games and more food than you could shake a stick at! Ringing in the New Year has never been this much fun!

2008 was GREAT!

I'm usually the first person to have an orderly list of resolutions primed for the new year! I love to take some retrospective time to revisit, recapture, and relearn the past year. This year I haven't really thought about 2009: my hopes, my goals, my plans. Nor have a reflected on 2008: the lessons, the memories, the changes.

I just stepped outside, to enjoy one of those rare, mid-winter mild days. I stood still for only a few minutes, watched life happen around me, watched the way the blue sky set-off the poplars. I haven't stopped lately, looked around, my body and mind occupying the same place in time for too long. My greatest wish, my prayer for us all is that 2009 be filled with moments that are truly lived, that the beauty of God so enrapture us that for just a moment we can't look away.

County Land Use

I had a conversation with the Assessor which resulted in this map. Taxes on agricultural land are increasing dramatically in this new tax year. While agricultural land taxes don't produce that much revenue (compared to industrial ie coal and oil) for the county, a large percentage of the county will be affected. I used 5 data frames in this layout, which is unusual for the maps my department produces.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

17 days...

Today I'm missing summer...

Monday, December 29, 2008

18 days!

Back to work from a wonderful holiday weekend! D and I are busy cleaning for our Ugly Sweater Party and contemplating stick-on mustaches for all!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

19 days

D, my lumberjack! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

20 Days...

Fancied up for my cousin's beautiful wedding! We can't wait to be next!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

22 Days

D and I's first Christmas...beautifully festive! His folks were able to join my family for a celebration!

Monday, December 22, 2008

25 Days...

...where I forget to take a countdown photo due to dashing to and from various and assorted parties, work, errands etc! Instead please enjoy this list of loves and hates...

frosty mornings
vb scripts that work
icy rivers
Christmas lights
D visiting me at work
holiday parties
family togetherness
blog voyeurism
map layouts
holiday days off! :)
dreaming of travel
lunch time walks

migraines from computing
slick roads
holiday frantic-ness
anise in my biscotti
parcel editing
post Christmas blahs...
houses losing equity
frost nip

Sunday, December 21, 2008

26 Days

We go to church, then Casper for Christmas shopping!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

27 Days

I establish ownership....

Friday, December 19, 2008

28 Days...

We play at the ranch!


maybe i love d more than anyone else in the history of the world

maybe i read too many blogs, maybe i used to read the news but this has replaced it

maybe i'm obsessed with bangs

maybe d and i spend too much time laying in front of the fire, listening to records, drinking faux cocktails

maybe i don't know how to be a wife, but maybe i'll be okay at it

maybe i care too much about whether people like me or not, maybe this isn't such a bad thing

maybe i've dropped from a size 4 to a size 2, maybe i wasn't trying, maybe this worries me a little bit

maybe i complain about my job, but i really do love it, and maybe i feel super blessed to have it

maybe i love the d brews beer, and that it is fabulous

maybe i can't understand why everyone loves regina spektor, and maybe i feel ashamed

maybe i'm lucky, because if i'm a different person everyday when i walk through the front door, d seems to be ok with it, and takes it in stride

Thursday, December 18, 2008

29 Days...We brew zee beer!

We brew organic pale ale (ie wedding beer)!

30 days...

A look back...

Our painting escapades...

D and I's cozy casa....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To do, today!

My life is composed of to do lists, I always have one running in my head. And they range from practicle to fun, from high-priority to I will probably never do this!

This is on my to-do list today...

-remember to bring my Dreamweaver book to work (since I've been forgetting it for a week)
-go over website with Cory (didn't do, but there is always tomorrow)
-talk to D about a group blog because I think they're super cute, and I think he will help me remember to take more pictures (am totally inspired by my super fab friends)
-spend some quality moments with my Mom (because she is my best friend and I love and miss her)
-pay bills! (eep!)
-eat more healthly (although I am in this weird losing weight thing, I still feel like crap even if the M&M's have almonds)
-stop saying crap
-do the final load of laundry on my floor (and hang up my clean clothes, also on my floor)
-back more boxes of books to take to "the house", which I've been doing in stages as to not overwhelm D with the sheer volume of my personal library (I love books!)
-google grants for small business because I totally want to by a cheap little house, on a little corner lot, zoned commercial, and transform it into an AWESOME coffee house, where folks can hang and socialize!
-find a part time job to fund said coffee house!
-plan a ragin' New Year's Eve party (done and done, now I just have to find the ugliest sweater ever!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Girlie Stuff

I cannot wait for the wedding to be over, because I'm totally chopping my hair. It's either sticking to my shirt, stuck in my collar, in my mouth, in D's face etc....

So post wedding...look for this....

PS. Luckily my husband will be far less crazy than hers! ;)

Work Christmas Party

Oh how I love the festivities of Christmas! This is D and I goofing off before my work Christmas party!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sludging along

Venice flooded this week, the highest water levels in 30 years. Part of me knows exactly how this must feel... A visit to my friend April's blog (www.mayrussian.typepad.com), prompted me to take a "stress test" based on the Holmes Rahe Scale. I scored a 390, which could result in a serious illness in two years...I sincerely hope not! What does God say about stress? He reminds us not to worry, reminds us of the meaninglessness of our labors. So what are God followers to do when they feel stress?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Knowing when to say no...

To myself. The most frustrating part of my personality is that I want to do everything. With this semester rolling to a close I'm ready to jump back into school full-time for a MA in Science Ed. I also want to continue my GIS training with some on-line classes to pursue a professional certification, take a quilting class, form a Outings Club, work full-time as a GIS Specialist which just today expanded to county Webmaster as well, work part-time for the census bureau doing field work, do a bible study, get involved with my churches ministry, create a side business with web design, take a photography class, take a pottery class, re-landscape my yard, join the gym to jump back into my running training, get certified as a yoga instructor, buy a house and turn it into a coffee shop... I have a zillion ideas! I think what I need is a clone...or three! I don't know how to prioritize this part of my life. How do other people practice this form of discipline? Maybe I should just sleep less... :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Personal Geography

Perhaps the most distracting aspect (at least on a daily basis) of geography for me is the concept of Personal Geography, the value we place on locations in our mind. This concept is strongly tied to the psychology of place, and the emotions behind spatial thinking. If you asked a room full of your friends to draw a map of your town, the result would be a distinct variety of maps. Humans often have a tendency to place a larger emphasis on locations they are familiar with, of places that have emotional ties for them. These places loom larger in our minds, are drawn bigger on our maps.

My map of Douglas, WY (my residence) would highlight my place of employment, the places I like to play, and the church I attend. Your map of Douglas may emphasis your house, where you shop, the road you run. We are both drawing the same location, through a filter of personal experience. On a larger scale, we rewrite these maps every day. Our personal geography expands, our paths differ. It changes our perspectives, much as we can change our locations. This is developed into the creation of personal "niches". The places or geography where we feel most at home, most like ourselves. These niches are filled with strong emotion and very familiar.

My niche formed around the rural ranch where I grew up, extending from there to the college town and university I attended, to the mountains that became my playground. I'm in the midst of a change of focus in my geography, moving into a new house and developing a new relationship. It is already beginning to change the paths of movement I create. Yet in the midst of change, there is 3rd dimension to my personal map. My constant is straight up, the z axis being my tie to God.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Quantities of Thankfulness!

I quantify everything! It's a game constantly at play in my head (among a zillion other games, social experiments I'm carrying out on myself and with myself). So I'm trying to decide the number one thing I am most thankful for this year!

It's been a big year! I lost a job and God gave me a new one, and then another new one! And I learned the value of not placing too much of your self identity in work (which is hard for all of us type A workaholics out there).

While training for a big race, I blew my knee and have watched my running slide over the past several months. But at least I have two legs, and I can run. I just can't run the soul cleansing distances I ran in the past. My blessings are so BIG, my flesh is just weak.

I bought a house. In the midst of this financial chaos God has blessed me by allowing me to take on this huge responsibility. May I use it to His glory. I'm learning that EVERYTHING, every ASPECT of my life is under God's control, including my (excuse me, His) money.

I have great friends. Friends I can call in the middle of the night, friends who see me and love me in the midst of craziness, friends who continually blow my mind with their beauty. We are all God's creation, whether we confess it or not.

I also have a great family. They are a solid foundation, and I love them to bits! They constantly remind me of the value of God's family, his church, and our responsibilities to them. Ahh, what sweet times of fellowship!

I'm getting married. Which is such a serious, fun, awesome, scary feeling. It's such a huge blessing that I barely even could hope for it. I'm excitied to see what path God has for us, His plan for OUR future. To sharpen one another, to strengthen each other. Oh and what a guy! :)

But what I think I am most THANKFUL for this year, is God's love. He gave us the ability to love, and what a gift it is! Marrying a man of God is such a reflection of this love. And gives such depth to the imagery of the church being Christ's bride. It covers me, it covers me...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

D and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with his family! And one of the best parts was stopping in Glenwood Springs to soak for a bit!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What binds us together...

It's been a week of catching up with old friends...cozy around kitchen tables, via RSVP cards, phone calls! With Thanksgiving creeping closer, my thoughts turn to one of my greatest blessings...friendships! Whether they span years, or are brand new created over a shared meal, I'm rich in friends.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wish List

I have provided my mother with a wish list since the time I could write...although I still struggle with the legibly part. I wish I had them all, to see the transformation from barbies, to leggings and neon socks, to the collected works of Poe. This year my list would be composed of the following:

World Peace

For my plethora of side-business ideas...this year, webdesign!

Chico bags for everyone I know! Simply amazing!

An old bike that needs some new love!

Because I'm 12.....

I'll take the button and the smooches

Wind generator to get off the grid

Tights for staying warm