a measuring stick for my journey

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

thoughts upon our return

Husband and I recently traveled to El Salvador, as part of a volunteer group with Living Water International. You can check out our stories from the trip here.

In my own little world, it's been a strange return to the "blogosphere". As I read through my daily little blog list, my snippets from around the world, I'm suddenly appalled. So many blogs, while cute and happy, are filled with materialism. Posts solely about "My wish list", "Monday 'I Heart' Lists", "I bought this dress here for this much"... So now I'm whittling down my list. When so many people are thinking, hoping, praying about having enough money to buy their next meal, I'm saddened by Americans "I want", "I need", "me, me, me" culture. We have so much more than 90% of the worlds population. I'm not holding myself above the crowd here. I've been participating in my own little pity party lately; my husbands continued search for full-time work, our truck breaking down (poor us, we only have one car), etc etc etc. My heart was changed by the generosity and support from friends and family in order to go to El Salvador. It was further impacted by the generous and joyful way the people there live, in the midst of poverty. So this is the beginning of a new story. The story on actually taking these lessons, and applying them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

thinking about...

"A meaningful life is not usually built on grand gestures but, rather, on the habitual accumulation of ordinary ones."

Rod Drehner